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README for SoftwarePotential.Configuration.Web NuGet package from Software Potential

Welcome to the SoftwarePotential.Configuration.Web-<PermutationShortCode> NuGet Package.

IMPORTANT: this package is intended to be used in concert with:

Key Constraints and Advantages of this WEB Configuration Package

This package is intended to offer a licensing configuration for ASP.NET applications that stores licenses within the current application's App_Data folder. As the license store directory needs to be permissioned properly during web application deployment (so that it's accessible by the ASP.NET hosting process - usually IIS worker process), the package can be used in conjunction with Microsoft Web Deploy tool.

License Storage Location Base Path

Adding this NuGet package to your application configures licenses to be stored in the App_Data\Licenses folder within current web application.

Deploying to IIS

Web applications that reference this NuGet package are intended to be deployed to an IIS Web Server using WebDeploy. The simplest way to do that is to use Publish Web wizard in Visual Studio.

NB the application stores licenses under <application base directory>\App_Data\Licenses. When (re)deploying, it is critical to ensure that the publish process does not delete any licenses that users may have activated. To do this: